Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Decluttering Books

I'm purging my books and I've thought of some questions to ask myself so I end up with a collection of true favorites and very special books that I love and actually read. (Read here) By asking myself those five simple questions, I can determine for every book whether it should stay or go. At least in theory.

Over the past few weeks, my books have been a big focus of the decluttering process. My questionnaire is helping me a lot with letting go of books I know deep down I'll never read. But I still have a really hard time letting go of books that I think I might read at some point. And books that I SHOULD read but know I won't. But it is getting easier with every book I let go. And I love my bookcases slowly clearing and actually being able to see all those books that I really really love and am happy to own.

So far I have gotten rid of around 80-100 books. Many of those came from my TBR shelf, which used to hold over 200 books. They have all gone to a charity bookstore right down the street. Yay! And I've already stacked up another 130 (!!!) books that I'm ready to let go. Most of those are mystery/suspense/chick-lit/YA that I've read already and know I won't reread. They will be going to a woman's outreach clinic which is coincidentally also right around the corner from my apartment.

I've realized it's just ridiculous to hold on to more unread books than I could ever read in several years. I read an average of around 60 books a year, so that'll be my limit for the TBR-shelf. Maybe if I have few enough books, so that I could theoretically read them all within one year, I'll be more inclined to read them at all. Right now my TBR is so overwhelming that I'll rather just pick up a new book than try to decide on one from that shelf. Let's fix that.

Do you have trouble keeping your library in check? How do you decide which books to keep and which to pass on?

Read you soon,



  1. I keep only books that I know I will love to reread. It's hard to give up books that I loved but know I won't revisit, so I give them to friends as gifts :)

  2. Exactly, it's so hard to let go of the good ones. But that is a good tip and now that I've gotten a lot of the "junk" out of the way, this is probably what I'll be doing a lot from now on. I just picked out Bill Bryson's A short history of everyday life (I think that's the English title). Beautiful hardcover, just read it once, my friend will be getting it for his birthday ;)