Friday, March 13, 2015

Another day, another unhaul

I've been pretty busy with school over the last few weeks and I find that decluttering is the perfect way to unwind. It gets me away from my computer, it gets me moving and it gives me a freeing feeling. Usually I feel bad about the fact, that the only time my apartment is ever really clean is when I'm supposed to be writing papers ;) But this time around, I decided to embrace it, not waste time on youtube (which I'm still doing) or facebook (not so much) but focus all the energy that I don't need for the papers on decluttering. 

Yesterday, I brought another 30 or so books to the charity shop. I walk them there so I don't take more than that at one time. I also contacted an old English professor of mine who's in charge of our department's booksales. She was very happy to receive donations, so I dropped off about 40 books there today. Most of them were classics (Wordsworth, Penguin etc.) which I know will come to good use in the English department. She was so grateful and that made me very happy.

My last stop today was at our local animal shelter, were I dropped of two big bags full of old blankets, sheets and towels.

So basically, I feel really good right now, another big load of clutter is gone and I've made some people (and puppies) happy. 
Time to get back to writing my papers.

Read you soon, 

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